Canadian Tactical Gadgets Sale!

We will be having a new sale every week. This week, we offer amazing prices on our two powerful Stun Batons, our amazing 3 style Extendable Batons, Kali Baton, One Pounder, and Hand Cuffs!

This sale is available until March 9’th, so get these great deals while you can!

Super Stun Baton, 2 million volts, 2,000,000 volts, polycarbonate stun wand
High AMP Cattle Prod / Stun Baton. Caution: Do not use on humans!
15% off! Buy now!
The Indredible 1m volt stun baton
1m volt 120 lumen Stun Baton on sale for 15% off! Buy now!
Stainless steel shaft coated in low profile black finish, equipped with a non-slip rubberized handle for firm grip. Comes with nylon holster. 3 sizes
Our classic ASP Style 16-26′ Expandable Batons w/ Nylon Holster
10-15% off! Buy Now!

And much more! Check out all the great deals on our Home Page!

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